My journey as a software developer began in 2010, first as an independent contractor, and later as as part of the then-startup's two-member frontend team at what is today South Africa's foremost e-commerce company. Since then my combined passion for design and software development has allowed me to work for several startups and firms across different sectors and the world.

My time as a frontend developer brought me to the realization that there's a need for a more coherent architecture when creating or refactoring projects in the frontend space. This ultimately led me to create Platframe. It's an open-source project that's an ongoing attempt at introducing a less-prescriptive and an architecturally more sound platform for UI development.

I enjoy writing about developer issues from time to time. You can read my thoughts on frontend teams and architecture, or head over to Stack Sage for a slow but (hopefully) steady stream of posts.

Languages, platforms and tools I enjoy working with or have experience in are detailed in the tables on this page.