Stemming from a background in design, I had the opportunity to collaborate with developers on projects early in my designer career. During that process I discovered that I had a keen interest in the software that ultimately gave life to my static artwork. One thing led to another, and my journey as a developer eventually took off at an ecommerce company in South Africa as part of the then-startup's two-member frontend team. Since then my combined passion for design and software development has allowed me to work for several startups and firms across different sectors.

Being a UI developer brought me to the realization that there's a need for a more coherent or codified architecture when creating or refactoring projects in the frontend space. This ultimately led me to create Platframe. It's an open-source project that's an ongoing attempt at introducing a less-prescriptive and an architecturally more sound platform for frontend development.

I enjoy writing about developer issues from time to time. You can read my thoughts on frontend teams and architecture, or head over to Stack Sage for a slow but (hopefully) steady stream of posts.

Languages, platforms and tools I enjoy working with or have experience in are detailed in the tables on this page.